Group and Individual Gun-Handling Training
Pistol • Rifle •  Shotgun • 3 Gun

TKALLC is a company dedicated to providing basic to advanced gun-handling training to the general public. In cooperation with the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA—one of the best indoor shooting ranges anywhere–TKA provides a variety of Classes and Events that can take anyone from the very basics of gun handling—whether pistol, rifle, or shotgun—to advanced firearm techniques suitable for self-protection, competition shooting, or just recreational target practice.

If you are new to firearms, have never fired a gun before, or even a bit apprehensive about shooting in general, we have the NRA First Steps course. The course consists of three hours of classroom training followed by a one hour one-on-one session on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor.The First Steps course is also geared towards those that wish to apply for a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). After successfully completing the First Steps course you will receive a Certificate of completion meaning you have demonstrated basic understanding of handguns and know how to safely handle and store them. This certificate meets the handgun training requirements for applying for a Virginia CHP.

If you are an experienced shooter, we provide opportunities for intermediate and advanced courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun, and three-gun. We use challenging arrays of various target systems—paper and steel–as well as various props such as barricades and ports to take your shooting to the next level.

For those interested in self protection, we offer a number of NRA courses that will provide you the tools and techniques to deal with threats inside and outside the home as well as advanced defensive pistol techniques.

Our focus is always on safe gun handling. Our NRA certified courses are taught only by NRA certified instructors. We can also tailor our courses to meet your individual, company, or group needs. We also conduct various shooting competitions utilizing a wide array of target systems from paper targets to steel plates. We also set up competition practice nights so that you can come practice your shooting skills against challenging target arrays.

We look forward to seeing you at the Range!